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tax client Case Study

Client: Prosperity Financial Services


Specific Needs:

- Custom Logo 

- Create Brand Identity

- Revamp Website

- Design Corporate Identity Package (Business Card, Letterhead etc.)

- Video/Commercial Production

- Marketing Coaching

- Developing A Scaling Strategy 

- New Customer Acquisition Strategy

- Strategic Partnership Development

- Increasing Network


Owner Testimonial:

PFS Client Testimonial.png

Custom logo design  

Original Logo 

PFS - Original Logo.png

The logo on the left is the original logo that the client used before she hired me. When we met I heard her vision of empowering individuals to empower others by gaining financial wisdom.


At it's core Prosperity Financial Services is all about creating generational financial freedom for their clients and their clients families.  

The logo on the right convey's that message.

new Logo 

PFS Logo.png
PFS Full Logo.png

Website design  

Below is the clients original website that she created using a template. 

old website

PFS - Original Website.png

She hired us for a brand relaunch which included a new website and brand identity. 

You will notice the difference immediately with the screenshot image of her website below. 

new website

PFS - New Website.png

Additional Client projects

Click on the picture in the gallery to see full view. 

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