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Monthly Maintenance & Support 

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Although we do not require customers to participate in a maintenance program for their website, we highly recommend it. WIX regularly updates its system to provide users with the latest tools to account for new trends and emerging technologies.

This means that with regular system updates and proper maintenance,
your website will outperform most other sites. 

We will take the weight and strain of maintaining your website off you, so you will be free to do what you do best, which is to grow and scal
e your company. 

Unlimited Content Updates

Includes adding images, adding & editing content. This will ensure that your website’s content is always up to date.

Platform & Industry Updates

Platforms like Wix and Google are always changing and improving. That's why whenever a new industry standard feature is released we implement it on throughout your websites. 

Browser Check

We will check to ensure proper connectivity and integration with browsers that render your website.

Monthly Website Check Up

Each month we proactively check for any design or technical issues, security issues, and more to make sure your website is working properly and your business has a great online presence.

Monthly Consultations

You will have access each week/month to ask questions, give input and discuss what can help your website be all that you need it to be. Additional coaching services are available and sold separately. 


Mobile Website Maintenance

Your Mobile Website will need special attention each week. The back office and design interface is a bit tricky to navigate. It will need to be monitored to ensure a proper and effective user experience. 

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Monthly Maintenance & Support Package 

Website Maintenence.png


per month automatic billing

This plan includes important monitoring alerts needed to maintain a healthy website, plus 2-hours of website upkeep each month.


Included in your monthly package:


✔ 2-hours of updates, enhancements, and website maintenance with a GROW rollover guarantee for any unused portion. 

✔ Site monitoring with Google Search Console


✔ Monthly live website and mobile site check to ensure rendering is correct

✔ Passthrough WIX Agency Partner Benefits

✔ Valued at $375!

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