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Join the 7-Secrets to Branding Workshop 
Before It's Too Late!

7 Secrets Free Download
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During this mini workshop we will begin the process of helping you implement in an easy and practical way each of the seven branding and marketing secrets.


This training will help you begin building your branding and marketing strategy, and will help you attract your ideal customers.

Download your FREE copy of the 7 Secrets Cheat Sheet.

Your name will be automatically added to the workshop guest list.

You will be emailed the Zoom meeting link soon.

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Steven Walker


The Each 1 to Reach 1


Join the "Each 1 Reach 1 Challenge" and Elevate Your Business

Calling all business owners! Are you ready to take your business to new heights and help another business owner do the same? Then it's time to participate in the "Each 1 Reach 1 Challenge". Here's how it works:

  • Sign up for the free 7 Secrets to Developing a Personal Branding Strategy Workshop on September 20th

  • Invite another business owner to attend as your guest and get a chance to win a prize

  • For each additional business owner that you invite, who attends the workshop and stays until the end, you'll receive an extra entry into the competition


The Each 1 Reach 1 Challenge aims to encourage you to invite your network to attend this free training and benefit from it.

Now, let's talk about the prize! The lucky winner will receive a $10,000 "Elevate My Brand Coaching Package," which includes:

  • A free VIP ticket to the September 28th "Building Your Branding and Marketing Strategy" 2-Hour Webinar

  • Eight 30-minute (1 on 1) Purpose and Power Business and Marketing Coaching Sessions

  • One (30-minute) Financial Coaching Session with a Certified CPA, MBA, CICA Financial Coach to get you ready for growth in 2024

  • And a $750 "Elevate My Brand" Graphic Design and Social Media Post Design Package Voucher, which can be used towards the creation of social media ads or towards revamping/designing a new website. 


Take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your business and brand. Make sure to sign up for the workshop today and invite other business owners, and everyone in your business network to do the same. Get Ready! Your business is about to take off in 2024!

Scroll back to the top of this page and right click on the Invite Card to download the image and save to your computer or phone so you can text and/or email it out to the business owners that you would like to begin inviting.


Keep track of who you invited and who actually attends so you will know how many points you should receive. 

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing you and your guest at our next training. 

Each 1 Reach 1


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